Friday, 16 September 2011

INTERVENTION (spectate/translate)

Do you ever find yourself listening into peoples conversations? At a bus stop, at the doctors, while waiting for a friend…

I find myself doing this more and more. I can journey off to a place where they might live. Where do they go when they put down their coffee and screech their chair across the floor as an exit? What do their half heard words mean. Sometimes it seems there might be a million interpretations.

On the 30th Sept i will be producing a live intervention art piece for this Holy Smokes gig everyone’s talking about.

For this to happen I need your help, I need your eyes and ears and quick hand for documentation.

I will be leaving illustrated tags at Quad for you to collect . From the moment you hold this tag in your hand your mission begins. Your mission is to look and listen.

You might want to rush straight out and begin your invasion of peoples privacy, you may keep it on your person until the time comes when you catch the end of a conversation and stumble on a situation. You will then scramble for your tag and scrawl on it the words you’ve just stolen from that strangers mouth.

It may be easily understood, it may be nonsensical. Either way write it down exactly as you hear it and bring it to me or drop it into quad and from there i will translate / speculate via the means of live illustration on the 30th september.

ALSO! as a thank you for your help, when you collect your ‘spectacles of spectacles’ tag you can CLAIM YOUR VERY OWN FREE TEENY WEENY MINI ILLUSTRATION PRINT.

Tags ready for collection monday 5th sept.

As part of this experiment I will also be exhibiting all speculations and translations at this here event:

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